Have To Study For The PCAT Test

The PCAT test or the test that one needs to take in order to apply to pharmacy school (either for tech or actual doctors degree) isn’t a walk in the park. It covers biology, advanced mathematics and a number of other subjects that require a lot of advanced knowledge. Doing well on the PCAT is extremely important if you want to get into a great college and want to become a pharmacist. If you’re just interested in becoming a pharmacy tech it isn’t as important but it will help when it comes time for you to get a pharmacy job.

One of the best sites that we’ve seen in terms of offering a great deal of information is by far, It makes sense if you think about it. What else would you expect to find on their website. They have information of the test, links to PCAT study guides, PCAT prep classes where you need to go for PCAT registration and just a wealth of general information. In fact they even have links to information about finding student loans specifically for pharmacy school. That includes both University based programs and technical colleges offering Pharmacy Tech certification programs.

Another benefit is that the site isn’t selling any books or guides. It looks as if they have evaluated a lot of the different programs, PCAT study guides and materials and are helping to weed out the better ones. They provide links to find the materials and even have coupon codes on how to save substantially on them as well in some cases. For the individual who is interested in pharmacology and doesn’t have any real information yet, the site also offers a basic introduction guide and links to a number of colleges who have programs and free information.

Overall this is arguably the best PCAT information site that we’ve seen. Giving you a complete rundown and answering most if not all of your questions within what would require 45 minutes of reading time. The website can be found at, you guessed it

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