Remember all that crazy litigation with Facebook?

Written by Single Pill 10/1/10

Talk about a loaded question.. Can you please specify which case you’re referring to exactly? It’s kind of hard to feel bad for what has become the “800lbs Gorilla” of the internet. Sure you might say that title clearly belongs to Google. Well there are some that think there’s a very good chance Facebook could one day be even more powerful than Google. It did just recently pass Google as the worlds most visited site according to Hitwise as well. There’s also that persistent (and pretty much acknowledged by Eric Schmidt) rumor that Google is starting its own social network, GoogleMe.

Well it just seems that you can’t turn on your Macbook without hearing news about someone trying to shake down “Zuck” for millions. The latest was that guy slinging wood pellets (and not very well according to the 5.0) claiming he was the majority shareholder in Facebook because of a contract that predated the launch and or when it was even conceived (or stolen from others, more on that later). But really the first person or persons to get litigious with Zuckerberg was the guys who started the ill conceived Essentially a dating site for Harvard students….

The two most interesting founders of Harvard Connection are twin brothers Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss. They attempted to hire Zuckerberg to develop their start-up. They claim he essentially led them to believe he was building it out for three months whilst really building out (as it was originally called). For well educated twins from a family that has more high profile lawyers on retainer than you can shake a stick at, they neglected to get him to sign anything.

Bottom line was of their suit is that he “Stole their idea”. But as Mark played by Jessie Eisenberg says in the David Fincher directed biopic says, “If you guys were the inventors of Facebook, you would have invented it.”

The movie comes out today and with incredible timing and execution comes Seems the Winklevoss twins let the domain drop and now someone has created quite an entertaining site. Kudos! Let this be a lesson to all entrepreneurs. If someone screws you over in business and their company blows up and becomes a juggernaut sue them, cash out but hang on to all of the IP. That includes domain names, hell they’re only $10 a year to renew.
Harvard Connection


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