Starting A New Business Ideas

Starting Your Own Business, Part 1

We stress this option because it is what we believe in. But how are you going to find the money or the time to start your own business especially when you are short of money right now anyway? And what are you going to do? One company that has some great tools and resources is LLC company

These concerns are all tied in together and basically boil down to “do what you love and the time will be there and the money will come”. The best way to explain this is to give you some examples. And remember that a lot of these can be done by anyone from 13 years old to 90 years old. And all of them take extremely little cash to start up.

Do you love animals? If so, you could try to get a part-time job with a veterinarian. Or you could start your own part-time dog grooming business. Sit down to your handy home computer and write up a flyer about what you will do, such as a complete shampoo and blow dry. Run off some copies of your flyer (this few dollars for flyers will be your only expense) and go out walking your own dog in a different area every evening. Every time you meet someone else with their own dog, hand them a flyer. It would be easy to fit this into a tight schedule.

Do you like flying kites? You could teach a class on Saturday mornings at your local Parks and Recreation department on how to build different types of kites and how to fly them (so they actually stay up, that is). Or you could start your own business by offering these classes in your own home. Again, your main expense will be flyers to post around town. However, learning how to get on the radio for free to preach the wonderful benefits of flying a kite would bring you even more customers.

Do you like spending your weekends biking around the countryside? You can offer your own tours and advertise them through bike and outdoor life stores. Or start a newsletter for bike riders about the most beautiful or safest or most kid friendly or easiest or more strenuous rides in your region, your state or even the whole country. You get to do what you love and still make money at it.

Do you love gardening? Again, offer classes on growing a healthy diet, one class for adults and one for kids. You don’t have enough room where you live to do this? Find a country person who does and offer to grow them so many pounds of whatever in exchange for a few month’s use of some land. Live in the city with only enough room for your own small garden? Teach the city dwellers about container gardening. You could even offer a class in your own kitchen on 50 ways to cook and enjoy broccoli. Sell your leftover vegetables to your neighbors.

If woodworking is your thing, you just need to focus on the area you like best. Do you like cabinetry and can, therefore, start a custom cabinet business? Or is furniture more enjoyable to you? Or do you like repairing old houses? Or do you and your spouse like doing the arts and crafts type of thing? Or do you want to teach others how to do these things?

In other words, think about what you really love spending your time doing and turn that into a part-time occupation. We all need time to relax during the day. What better way to spend it then by doing something you love and making a little extra money at the same time? On top of that though, you may find that you really love doing this thing and you are building up clientele so that eventually you can quit the job that you do not particularly like and have your own full-time business. This is truly the best of both worlds.

Starting Your Own Business, Part 2

The key to successfully building your own business is to do something you love. And do not fall into the trap of doing something that everyone says there is “a lot of money to be made in it”. It is actually much easier to start a business if you enjoy the work. As you may already know, spending long hours doing something you dislike will never make you a success.

As to the money necessary to start a part-time business, today is the best time ever to be doing this because virtually anything you can think of can now be done professionally from your home. This saves you the huge overhead of renting space somewhere. Also, get your families help as much as possible. Probably the biggest mistake we see people make when it comes to starting their own business is hiring help. With the associated paper work and filings for employees, i.e. taxes, withholding reporting and insurance, this is a huge expense that you cannot afford right now.

The whole point, however, is that you need to pay off your debts and starting your own business is another way of bringing more income into the household to do this. How much can you make? If you turn out to be a good business person (keep your expenses down and the cash flowing) you may only make a profit of a few hundred dollars the first year up to as much as several thousand dollars. But if you find that you really enjoy this new business and want to make it a full-time occupation, you will see your profits growing each year.

Other Ways

There are other ways to increase your income also. Some of these could almost be considered a part-time job or starting your own business but are not quite the same.

For instance, do you have an extra room in your house? Can you create an extra room? Could you get bunk beds and put all three kids in one room for awhile? If so, you now have an extra room to rent out to a college student or young worker. A lot of people find the idea of having a “stranger” living in their house disconcerting. Remember that you can set up acceptable criteria for the type of person you will rent to. A graduate student is going to be a more serious person than a college freshman. They have to be or they would not have made it all the way to graduate student. Depending on what you charge for the room and whether meals are including or kitchen privileges, you could add at least another $400 a month to your income.

We live in the land of opportunity but it is your responsibility to find those opportunities and put them to use for yourself. Instead of spending the next few hours watching TV, why not go lay down and think of all the other possibilities out there.


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