Is there a second iPad in the works already?

MG Siegler of Techcrunch is speculating (on second hand information) that there might already be a second iPad well into development. In might even be announced at Apple’s next event in June. This other iPad would be more like a Mac in terms of its operating system being based off of OS X. Almost a Pro version if you will. It would have all of the features that many had hoped would find its way into the original Apple tablet. There’s even speculation that it may feature a full size 15.4″ screen.

One bit of evidence that we’ve found to support this therory. iPhone application developer Plumamazing Inc currently has the domain re-directing to their home page. Hopefully we’ll have some real answers soon.


Apple Tapplet Domain Owned by CEO of Tapulous….

by Sean Palma

Well if Apple was going to have to find a domain for their new product, and their track record with securing product name domains before making a big splash not being so great ( and leap to memory) they’re certainly in better shape if they decide to go with Many possible names have been floated but the most interesting to speculate on by far is

Tapulous CEO Bart Decrem has owned the domain since March of 2008. In case you’ve forgotten who Tapulous is, well they only publish one of the top five most downloaded iPhone Apps of all time, TapTapRevenge! Now I know what you’re thinking. “Hey is it possible that Decrem and his team might have been privy to inside information into the next big platform that App publishers will no doubt be scrambling to develop apps for?” Well duh.

If you’re Apple you might want to give the number one App developer a little heads up into what’s around the corner. Well, if you’re Apple when Steve Jobs is away…. The timeline might not jive completely but we don’t know exactly how much time was putting in right before his official departure.

Truthfully I think that Decrem more than likely registred the domain simply because it is so closely related to the companies name. A Tapulous App = Tapplet, it’s cute. Good work Bart. However it does make for fun speculation.

Well in any event it will be much easier (and I suspect cheaper) to get ahold of then The latter has been owned by Tawianeese company Amtek System Co since 2004,  oh and they’ve got the trademark to boot.